Christmas Challenge 2018

Thursday 13 December 2018

It was announced at the AGM that the Gallery Night, that had taken place on previous Decembers, would change for 2018. It had become a, ‘crank-the-handle’ type exercise and although there was a large number of items to view it was felt that there was a need to freshen things up a bit. It was to be replaced this year by a Spinning Top competition.

Having thought about this, more meat was needed to be put on the bones as the spinning top competition on its own would firstly, not take long and secondly, not be very inspirational. After some careful thought it is proposed that the evening should include a number of Christmas themed challenges, based primarily on German Christmas Market ideas, where items would be judged for prizes, as follows:

Spinning Top

The Spinning Top that spun for the longest period of time would be judged the winner.

Table Decoration

An object for a centre display, for example, a tea-light or candle powered carousel as described in the November and December 2017 Woodturning Magazine. Technical details for this available on this website, later. It doesn’t have to be just like the one featured and the more elaborate the design the better.

Christmas Tree Decoration

A broad title which includes tree decoration items, baubles and the like either solid or hollow form. Perhaps a Christmas tree to hang an array of baubles on. Perhaps, with miniature electronics available these days, could be illuminated with LED’s, for example.

Christmas Figures

Figures such as robins, small Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa clauses, a Christmas scene not entered as a table decoration. And so forth.

Christmas Pyrography

Perhaps a Christmas scene represented either on a plate or just a square plaque. A set of coasters based on a Christmas idea.

The list is endless and its really left for your imagination and skill to produce any of the above so long as it falls under one of the headings above.

Why are we telling you now? So that you have plenty of time to plan and make over the year. This is so that we achieve a colourful and eventful evening. If you have any questions with regard to any of the above or need an address of a supplier of materials, have a word with Colin or Bernard and I am sure we can point you in the right direction. As a starter, if you have access to the Internet, sign up to Pinterest and search for woodturning. It has thousands of ideas.

Colin Bushell