Club Night 10/08/17   Note from Mo Moncrieff-Jury


Members need to bring :-

1. Pyro machine with wire nibs ( not solid tips )and wires. If you have Razor tip or similar nibs it’s easier. If you have wire to make their own bring as well.

2. A piece of turning or board to decorate fully sanded but unpolished or lacquered. Something flat will be easier than a hollow-form unless you have previous experience of working on a curved surface. A wide edged platter is ideal if you want to decorate a finished item in a light wood like Sycamore, Maple, Lime. Not Ash or Oak. Beech can work but can be a bit hard in places to pyro.

3. A soft mat preferably non slip or something soft to support the piece on, old cushion, wadding etc.

4. Pencils fairly soft to draw so it doesn’t scratch the surface and can be easily rubbed off. Any ‘B’ should do or ‘F’ if you’re light handed but not ‘H’ too hard. Very soft pencils if you want to do transfer of the image by double sided graphite.

5. Eraser for pencil removal, non smudge type.

6. Pictures, books, copies of anything they might want to emulate or designs and patterns you might like to reproduce. For beginners the KISS method is better but the design will reflect your artistic ability. These can be an idea and maybe able to simplify if necessary. Mo will bring some simple designs that can be used.

7. Drawing inks, Mo prefers Windsor and Newton and most of her designs are coloured with them. Colours are relative to your design but they mix very well. Acrylics, the better the quality the more intense the colour but a basic set is fine to start with. Reasonable quality very fine paint brushes, 000 to 02 but I will have some with me though not enough for everyone. Again Windsor and Newton are the best and they have several qualities within the range. Rowley will do too. The better quality brush the easier to control the ink or paint. If using inks or acrylics a palette or something similar to mix colours and a small vessel for water and some kitchen roll.

Some examples of Mo’s work from the Turned 30 Exhibition earlier this year.