Colin Bushell


The attached photographs show two lamp holders I was asked to make for a local theatre group for an Agatha Christie play, A Murder is Announced.  A touring company was, at the same time, rehearsing for the same production and as they had the performing rights the local company could only put on the play with the proviso that they could use the lamps afterwards.  Therefore they have, until just recently when the tour finished, been all around the country.  They were subsequently varnished, by them, in light oak.


Wood turning isn’t always about  bowls, burrs and chintzy items.  More practical applications that require a problem to be solved  give me a great deal of pleasure.

My daughter has a double layer garden table and chairs with glass table tops.  Needless to say they bought a cover to keep the winter weather from deteriorating this quite expensive purchase.  The problem arises when it rains as the water settles where the chairs are and just sits there until it is physically removed.

The item in the photograph I developed to fit into the recess for the canopy and can be raised to a number of positions secured by a split pin. Obviously the cover is placed over the top to height that will allow the water to run off.