9 February 2017


After seven years as Chairman of the Kennet and Avon Woodturning Club John Boyne-Aitken hands over the role to Bernard Bunn. As a result of such dedication and leadership John was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the club, during the AGM. He is seen receiving his new ‘membership card’.

10 December 2016

The Gallery Night on 8 December 2016 was extremely well attended with 21 entries for the Christmas Challenge. I have included a gallery of some photographs which can be found under the Events tab.

In my personal view the quality of the items exhibited by club members on the night was outstanding and demonstrates the diversity of ideas and talent within our club. You have all been hiding your abilities under the proverbial bush, so now do not be surprised when the committee members come and ask you to do a demonstration on a club night.

Thank you to all who took part or attended on the night, with particular thanks to Jenny Boyne-Aitken (i/c catering) Geraldine Bunn and Irene Nicholas (raffle and arm twisting) and to all the helpers who prepared the hall and helped to clear things away.



10 December 2016

For administrative reasons it has been necessary to suspend the website forums.



26 November 2016

To all members of the K & A woodturning club.

I have received a letter from Axminster Tools, stating that they have
decided to radically alter their discount scheme for woodturning clubs.

The scheme whereby clubs got 15% on all woodturning products and 10% on
complete lathes is withdrawn as of 1st January 2017. In its place a new
scheme is introduced whereby they offer a 5% discount on ALL products within
the Axminster range. (to quote their letter, exclusions apply; see terms and
conditions, which I have not yet seen!!) Also individual club members will,
in early 2017, be able to register so that they can deal with Axminster
direct, without the need to come through me as the club shop man. A form for
individuals to register will be available in 2017.

If I get any further information, I will pass it on through the club.

George Charlton

12 November 2016


A very good turnout to see Paul Hannaby demonstrate some bowl work which was embellished with pewter. We were only 5 short of the complete membership being present. Will it be like this at the AGM!

8 November 2016


It has been suggested that we try and get this guy to come from Australia to do one of our demonstration evenings! The event would have to be held in the car park. Does anybody have a suitable blank we can use? I do not fancy making this up from segmented pieces.

23 October 2016

Gallery Night
Our Gallery Night will be held on Thursday 8 December 2016. It will be John Aitken’s last Gallery Night as Chairman of the club so lots of effort to make it a good one please. Tables (27in*72in) either whole or in part will be available for members to display their items (for sale or viewing) and will be covered in the club’s cream tablecloths. The club does not own any stands or uplifters to enhance the display; so bring your own. Please let me know what your table requirements are by 1 December at the latest, but tables will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Christmas Competition
This years competition will be for two candlesticks (not necessarily a pair or matching) and will be judged on the qualities of design, turning and finish. Each entry should be accompanied with a card identifying the makers name. A separate display area will be available on the Gallery Night.


Bernard Bunn

10 September 2016

At the club night on 8 September, John Aitken announced that after seven years as chairman he intends to stand down from this role at the AGM in February 2017. He reminded all those present that the future of the club depended on the committee roles being fulfilled and that members should now consider nominations for the role of chairman.


2 September 2016

Just heard that due to a close family bereavement Keith Woolacott will be unable to do our demonstration this month. Our best wishes and thoughts go out to Keith. Bernard drew the short straw and will provide the demonstration this month.

27 August 2016

BHT at Youth Training

John Aitken demonstrating at the Youth Training Day at Grateley in Hampshire under the auspices of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB). A total of six youngsters spent the day being instructed in woodturning techniques, and each would produce a bowl, a pen and a box.

17 July 2016

Please have a look at the Wanted/For Sale section under Membership for a list of woodworking books available from the club. These books were kindly donated to the club by Mr Colin Child.

13 June 2016

Please Note:

The next club night will be on Thursday 7th July (not on 14 July). St John’s church hall is used as a Polling Station and there is a local election on the 14th July. 

So please change your diary to 7th July!!!

20 May 2016

Please note that a new link is available under ‘Useful Links’ to the Axminster Shop. Discount can be obtained on items from the Axminster  Tools Ltd catalogue by placing your order via the club representative George Charlton.

13 May 2016

The club night was well attended last night with at least 12 members demonstrating a whole variety of tips, tricks, gizmos, gadgets and the like. It was a really good night with member involvement .

13 May 2016

Congratulations are due to John Aitken for being elected as Chairman of the Register of Professional Turners. Well done John – does that mean you will be able to use some extra abrasives now and again.

29 April 2016

I have been playing with the website over the Bank Holiday weekend to try and set up a membership forum. Please have a go – you have to register first (see ‘How to use forums’).


29 April 2016

Notes on AWGB AGM

I attended the AWGB Representative’s Meeting followed by the AGM on Sunday 24 April 2016. Both events were very poorly attended; in fact there were more attendees at our own AGM than were there on Sunday. It was interesting to note that there are no professional turners, ie RPT, in the elected committee posts. The following notes are the salient points from both meetings.

The AWGB is in a good financial state despite making a £10,000 loss on last years seminar. Accordingly it has been decided to delay the next seminar until 2018.

2017 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the AWGB and a sum of £6,000 has been set aside to issue as grants to the first 20 clubs who apply to mark the AWGB anniversary by holding an event.

The representatives present were urged to get their clubs to submit applications for grants for equipment. It is now AWGB policy to purchase such equipment and “long loan” the items to clubs; this will avoid the clubs or individuals from selling the items on ebay when no longer required locally.

Considerable emphasis was placed on the forthcoming Wizardry in Wood exhibition later this year and to encourage member’s to submit items for the numerous competitions. Wizardry in Wood will take place between 10-15 October 2016 at the Carpenter’s Hall in London BC2N 2JJ. Please see your latest issue of Revolutions for full details.

The next AGM will be held on 23 April 2017 at Yarnfield Park Conference Centre, Yarnfield, Stone Staffordshire.

Demonstrator Grants

The demonstrator grant will be raised from £200 to £250 from 2017 and clubs will be able to carry over their grant or part thereof to a second year, by prior arrangement with the Treasurer.

AWGB Seminar

The next AWGB Seminar will be held between 5 – 7 October 2018 at Yarnfield Park Conference Centre, Yarnfield, Stone, Staffordshire and will cost £425 for the weekend. There will be various changes to the overall event ie. new venue, no banquet (this will be replaced by an informal dinner) and more emphasis on demonstrators including masterclasses. The demonstrators will include 2 from USA, 3 from Ireland, 3 from mainland Europe and 2 from UK.



15 March 2016

Committee members are considering the following topics for future club nights:

Sharpening Evening – where lots of different methods will be demonstrated using a wide range of machines and techniques. Lathes will be available to try out the newly sharpened tools.

Finishes Evening – including sanding materials and techniques, oils, polishes and other types of finish.

Christmas Ornaments Evening

If there are any other subjects that members would like to see then please contact me via the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the bottom of the page in the footer.



15 March 2016

There was a good turnout of members last night for our guest presenter Dave Appleby.

More photos of the evening can be found on the Diary – Events section of the website


I have an electronic copy of the handout on making the chuck for use with fruit and the worksheet for the apple that Dave made during the evening. If you would like a copy emailed to you please contact me via the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the bottom of the page in the footer.


3 March 2016

The Worshipful Company of Turners has announced the competition categories for this year’s Wizardry in Wood. A link to their website can be found in the ‘Useful Links – Professional Organisations’ section of this website.

John Aitken

2 March 2016

Those members using tablets and mobile phones to access the website will find a more mobile friendly version if you switch to using your device in portrait orientation.


2 March 2016

Breaking News

Andy Coates has stepped down as AWGB Chairman, Dave Atkinson has assumed the role of Chairman. Sam Webber is now vice chairman and his post of secretary has been taken up by Mike Glover.

All these changes are in accordance with the rules of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB).

John Aitken

1 March 2016

The website has been revised and is available for members use. I would welcome comments and ideas from users of the website, please use the Contact Us form, which can be found in the page footer. I have tried to design a website that is clear of clutter and confusion.

This website will be evolving over the next few months to put in more programme data, photographs of members work and general articles of interest.

Please, please send me “Tips and Tricks” for inclusion in the relevant page. Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch (see page footer).

Bernard Bunn