Turned 30

No, it’s not the lower limit of membership, apologies to our youngsters, it’s the AWGBs birthday. That is to say, it has been in being for 30 years this year.

To celebrate its birthday, clubs who have responded to partake in the celebration have been awarded £300 and, unlike many of the other clubs, we will be celebrating this event with an exhibition of our, and some celebrity, pieces of work at Trowbridge Town Hall in May. The dates of the exhibition are from 15th to 20th May inclusive.

As well as showing off the items there will be a demonstration area where small pieces, e.g. light pulls, rolling pins, tops etc. can be made to show off our skills to the general public.

This exercise will require some membership input to illuminate your club. The club therefore requires Stewards and Demonstrators or a combination of both.

Stewards  The time frame for each day is 10am to 1pm and from 1pm to 4pm except for Sat 20th which will be from 10am to 2pm. We are looking for members to come forward to complete a slot, say a morning or an afternoon and any one of those dates or more if you feel able.

Demonstrators  This will not be an arduous task and will be infrequent say 4minutes per hour dependant on numbers of Jo Public attending. Just a simple item which can be of your discretion or as stated above.

Members Reps George Flowers (L to Z) and myself (Colin Bushell A to K) will be passing amongst you at the next couple of meetings to request your help. Please think about it, check your diaries and please come and give your club your support.

Thank you in anticipation.

Colin Bushell (Committee – Members Rep)

Steward and Demonstrator Programme

May-2017 Mon 15th Tue 16th Wed 17th
10am to 1pm 1pm to 4pm 10am to 1pm 1pm to 4pm 10am to 1pm 1pm to 4pm
Steward Alan Reed Tim Awmack Cavan Moroney Neil Martin Chris Brown
Demonstrator Colin Bushell     Mike Giddings
Thur 18th Fri 19th Sat 20th
10am to 1pm 1pm to 4pm 10am to 1pm 1pm to 4pm 10am to 2pm
Steward John Staffin
Demonstrator George Flowers